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Hello Clients, Newborn Care Specialists & Nannies!


About Our President Bliss Williams

Whispers Newborn Care Specialist has been providing services to families since 1997. Bliss Williams is the founder and President of Whispers Newborn Care Specialist. She is a wife and mother of seven children and twelve grandchildren. Mrs. Williams was once a newborn care specialist, professionally taking care of a total of 485 babies during her career. With her passion for caring for newborn babies, Mrs. Willaims volunteers to cuddle drug-affected newborns who endure severe withdrawal symptoms. Know as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Not only did Mrs. Williams cuddle and comfort drug-affected newborns, but she is also well known in her community for supporting the less fortunate mothers. Mothers with newborn babies by donating essential supplies for these new mothers and babies. Mrs. Williams expects the same kind of ethics from her specialists to provide their services to clients with professionalism, passion, integrity, excellent work ethics, and a servant’s heart.


Whispers Agency takes great pride servicing

Texas, California, Chicago and New York clients and employees.

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